Idealog: New Gallery Brings Contemporary Art to Hawke’s Bay

Idealog: New Gallery Brings Contemporary Art to Hawke’s Bay

Hawke’s Bay has no shortage of beautiful, tasty reasons for a visit. The region is home to a natural fertility that produces some of our best wine, produce, and subsequently, markets and restaurants. With that natural beauty it’s not surprising that the communities in the region are deeply interested and involved in the arts. A new gallery, Parlour Projects, has opened in Hastings that hopes to tap into this and bring more contemporary art to the provincial town.

The small town is far from empty of artistic presence. The Hastings City Art Gallery is active in the community with frequent events and even the ‘tagged’ telecommunication boxes in the area are getting an artful upgrade. And of course, Dick Frizzell did grow up there (up-and-coming artist Josh Lancaster, who has been inspired by Frizzell’s work, has also moved there).

Sophie Wallace, a Hawke’s Bay native, is behind Parlour Projects and proudly opened its doors earlier this year with an exhibition from Ans Westra and Wayne Youle. We spoke to Wallace about the gallery.

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