New Zealand Herald: Privacy in the Digital Age Explored

New Zealand Herald: Privacy in the Digital Age Explored

Parlour has an exhibition of new work by Ken Griffen, titled Grey Area, from November 18 through December 17.


In Grey Area, Griffen draws on first-hand experiences from his recent residency in Los Angeles to investigate the angst and uncertainty caused by privacy and security in the midst of the digital age. Featuring painting, sculpture, installation and sound, Ken’s new work examines the nameless, faceless identities watching and tracking us online.


Informed by an established commercial art background, Griffen’s new paintings and works on paper depict human figures and objects through his idiosyncratic use of heavy and inconsistent line work.


Using ink and watercolour as his main materials, these works capture the artist’s first impression of the subjects he encounters. Ken’s sound work Careless, uses conversations from real security breaches to create a consistent and perturbing sense throughout the exhibition.


The public are invited to attend an opening reception for Grey Area on Friday, November 18 from 6pm—8pm at 306 Eastbourne St East, Hastings.


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