Parlour Projects is delighted to present Cultivate, an initiative that assists those interested in collecting art to make important decisions and shape the foundations of a beautiful, purposeful and meaningful collection of their own.


The gallery invites 10 people to take part in each intake of Cultivate. Each collector pays a certain amount over the course of one to two years and in turn receives a new contemporary artwork every three to six months, which is theirs to keep. The artworks will be produced by four emerging to established New Zealand artists who have individually garnered positive reputations for their strong practices.


Each work will be specifically produced for Cultivate and will be accompanied by an essay that examines the artist’s work and practice, as well as an artist biography that provides the artist’s education and exhibition history. The four artworks will span a range of mediums and subject matter to ensure the beginnings of a diverse art collection.


Each artwork will be delivered in its final form; works on paper and photographs will be framed at no additional cost and will come with certificates of authenticity. The artworks will be sent to each collector’s door anywhere in the world.


Please email with any questions, or to reserve your place in the next intake.


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