Endgame Interlude (Altarpiece)
Endgame Interlude (Altarpiece)
Grace Wright

Endgame Interlude (Altarpiece)

2000 x 4000mm
acrylic on linen 

Parlour Projects is delighted to present a seminal new work by Grace Wright, Endgame Interlude (Altarpiece). Comprised of three large panels, that collectively stretch four metres wide, the monumental work is bold, powerful and all-encompassing. Inspired by Swedish artist Hilma af Klint’s (1862-1944) critical works from her Paintings for the Temple series, Wright’s work similarly engages with spirituality. Towering in scale, Endgame Interlude (Altarpiece) possesses an intense materiality and physicality, as the sensuous lines and curves emit the sensation of falling into the painted surface.

“Direct experience may be felt in the constantly unfolding present moment, but it is something we do not necessarily conceptualise in our mind alone. The body is an important component of the direct experience of an artwork. While our thinking mind might not realise it, when we encounter art our body may comprehend it on the level beyond our mind. This suggests that the body can be one way in which we experience a sense of the spiritual from an artwork, although we may not be consciously aware of it at the time.” – Grace Wright

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